Samuel Gilman Barn

Gilman Bros.

Gilman Bros.

At the turn of the 20th century Samuel Gilman owned Gilman Bros. Country Store located at the head of Silver Lake opposite the Madison Railroad Station. This store offered dry and fancy goods, crockery and glassware, fruits and vegetables, hay and grain, and flour and feed. “In Fact Everything Generally Found in a First-Class, Up-to-Date Country Store.”



In 1904 Samuel Gilman hired Eugene Alley, general contractor, and Zantford Savary to build what became known as Meadowview Cottage. Zantford Savary provided the intricate shingle pattern that appears on both the front of the house and the barn. When originally constructed, the connecting building between the barn and house had a dirt floor and was used as a wood shed. The barn itself was built on a stone foundation and the basement was always used for rough storage. The second floor of the barn was used for hay storage and to raise chickens.

Since its original construction this barn has gone through multiple uses. In the 1940’s and 50’s it was a garage; it has been used as a wood working shop; and when the property was used as a Bed & Breakfast, the barn served as the pub for guests. The current owners, Joe Ferreira and Nancy Carlson converted the upstairs of the barn into living space even incorporating the interior of the cupola into part of the ceiling. This newest of the barns on tour is a fine example of how simple utilitarian barn space and structure can be preserved and reworked to provide unique, comfortable residential quarters.



4 thoughts on “Samuel Gilman Barn”

  1. Sharon Allen said:

    I had the wonderful opportunity to paint at this property with my NHPleinAir Artists group a year or so ago. Aside from being wonderfully and lovingly restored buildings, the added surprise of views of both Silver Lake AND Mount Chocorua were just stunning. This would have been a perfect property for me if the timing had been right!

    • Sharon, this is really a wonderful barn and property. Thank you for entering our art show and silent auction with several beautiful paintings of other Tour Barns.

  2. Sharon Allen said:

    Thank YOU for the opportunity! Proud to be part of the project.

  3. Tom Croteau said:

    You have brought back some fond memories. A friend of mine lived in this house when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Not the store, but another friend lived there, but the farm. In fact I took a baseball to the face in front of that barn. I remember biking to the head of the lake to swim, and get a soda at the store. Fun times.

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