Paige, it was so nice to finally meet you at the Barn Tour. Your blog is one of our favorites and this one is so well done. Thank you for so beautifully portraying Madison and our barns.

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Photo Jul 12, 11 16 18 AM (Large)

Madison County, Iowa has its bridges; but here in Madison, New Hampshire, they have barns – lots of them. Today the Friends of Madison Library sponsored a Barn Tour – I’ve had it marked on my calendar for months.

My reason to get excited about barns? Well, I’ve always liked them – as a kid we played in the hay and swung from ropes and sat in the loft looking out over our childhood kingdom. They also make great subjects for photography. But my main reason for going on the tour today was prompted by a comment left on one of my previous blog posts here.

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Awhile back I came across the bit of information that my favorite poet, e.e. cummings, lived in Madison. Since it is very near my house, I was thrilled – I had to go find it. I made the trip only to realize that…

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