No trespassing will be necessary this July 12th, as Joy Farm is one of the barns on the Madison Historic Barn Tour. Love this story though.

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I have been in New Hampshire 13 years and I just learned this: my favorite poet, ee cummings, was a summer resident of Silver Lake, NH.  In fact, his property – Joy Farm – is on the National Historic Register.  As someone who gets goosebumps reading his work, how could I have not known he lived only a few miles from me?

I decided I needed to find Joy Farm.  Silver Lake, and the town of Madison, is not far from here.

Born Oct. 14, 1894 and baptized Edward Estlin, Cummings began coming here as a small boy.  His father, Dr. Edward Cummings, a Congregational minister, bought the property in 1899; it was called “Joy Farm” after its previous owner, Ephraim Joy, but as Cummings’ sister, Elizabeth, later wrote “it earned the name on its own account.”  From his earliest years, Cummings had a deep love of nature, and the…

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